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Animated GIF of Basset Hound Walking

Winston, Abby, Maxwell, and Lucy are our current basset hounds. Winston is the lemon and white male. Abby is the tri-color female who started off as all black and white, except for some brown markings on her face. As you'll see, that changed over time, and now her head is predominately brown. Maxwell, who is a mostly brown and copper male, is our first rescue basset. Lucy, like Abby is a tri-color basset, but while Abby is mostly white with black patches, Lucy is mostly black with some white. Like Max, Lucy is a rescue, albeit of a different nature.

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The Beginning On The Prowl And After The Hunt
Raising wild beasts Even a wild beast needs a bath
Life With A Basset Growing Up
It's always...different Times change, and so do bassets
Birthday Bash Christmas 2004
One year! Time to party! A visit with the cousins
Life With A Basset - Again Maxwell
Comfort is the main concern... Our first rescue basset
More Maxwell Lucy
You can never get enough of a good thing Our latest, and another rescue
Not such a bad thing at all