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Lucy is our latest, and like Max, a rescue, albeit of a different nature. Lucy came to us one morning while I was driving to work. It was an extremely hot day - it had been well over ninety degrees for a number of days, with extremely high humidity. I was driving on a highway that's out in the country a bit. Busy traffic morning, however - and up ahead I spot a basset peeking out of the weeds on the side of road. It was Lucy, and it was pretty clear she was trying to cross the road. It was also clear with the traffic she would never make it. Long story short, I pulled over and, with the help of a neighbor that was driving the opposite direction and thought I was trying to corral one of our bassets, managed to grab Lucy. Poor thing was skinny as a rail, filthy dirty, and scared to death. She had obviously been alone and on her own for a long time.

After getting her home, she drank about a gallon of water and ate some food - but not much, as she was so excited and kept running all over. I took her to the vet, asked that she be checked for a micro-chip, and treated. No micro-chip. Susan and I checked all the papers and shelters for missing bassets - not a single listing. You can guess what happened next - we became Lucy's home. She's now been spayed, micro-chiped, and gained weight. In fact, it can be kind of heart-breaking to watch her eat - she gobbles it as quickly as she can, which is understandable given that she had been without regular meals for quite a while.

There's one really interesting things about this - when I first picked Lucy up, I thought she was a puppy - maybe six months old at the most. Nope - she was at least a year old. She's what's knows as a "micro" basset. A micro basset is a kind of minature basset. She probably won't get to be much more than thirty-five pounds.

Oh, and the name? It's short for "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", of course...
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