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Animated GIF of Basset Hound Walking

Over the years, we've created Christmas cards featuring our bassets... with suitable costumes, of course. And, as Frank reminds me, awful puns. Click a year below, and you can experience them, also!

For a larger view of any card, just click on the card!

Christmas 1993 Christmas 1994
Happy Holidays Peach on Earth
Christmas 1995 Christmas 1996
Happy Holidays...AGAIN! Merry Christmas!
Christmas 1997 Christmas 1998
Holiday Hugs! Have a very Merry Christmas!
Christmas 1999 Christmas 2000 & 2001
Paw, Humbug! We'd lost both Bo and Toby. No card.
Christmas 2002 Christmas 2003
Winston and Abby! Looking for Santa! Holiday Grrr-eetings!
Christmas 2004 Christmas 2005
Deck the Paws Do you ear what I ear?
Christmas 2006 Christmas 2006
Is it...Santa PAWS?!?!? Be good, Sants stops everywhere!
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2009
Snow??? Oh, Howly Night!
Christmas 2010 Christmas 2011
Dashing Through the Snow - NOT! Let It Snow
Christmas 2012  
Staying Awake for Santa!